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Formed: 2016
Hometown: Gainesville, FL
Upcoming Shows: 0
FEST Wrestling

FEST WRESTLING was created from the desire to help showcase independent wrestlers from all over the world as well as bring solid professional wrestling to Gainesville, FL. Founder of successful music festival, THE FEST (thefestfl.com), Tony Weinbender grew up in SW VIRGINIA watching NWA on TV and at the Roanoke Civic Center. Seeing greats like the Four Horsemen, The Road Warriors, Dusty Rhodes, Barry Windham, The Rock N' Roll Express, Midnight Express and many many more in his younger years. Later in high school he found punk rock and started playing and helping independent touring punk bands for years. In college he continued his love for pro wrestling through WCW Nitro and ECW as professional wrestling gained in popularity once again.

Since moving to Gainesville, FL in 2000 he has fallen back in love with pro-wrestling thanks to the explosion of independent wrestling on the internet yet there was a lack of shows being performed in Gainesville. After two years of hosting indie wrestling at THE FEST he has decided to start a branch of the popular brand and use the reach of THE FEST to help give exposure to independent talent and promotions from all over the world. If all goes well, FEST WRESTLING, will not only put on D.I.Y. wrestling shows at THE FEST, but be able to bring amazing, fun, and crazy shows to Gainesville on a regular basis. We want to recognize and celebrate that independent wrestling is a legitimate form of both art and athletics. FEST is an example of how punk culture can unify people and form a positive community. FEST WRESTLING aims to help expand the same ethos and help build a stronger independent community.

We hope you, as a fan, will support and help us be an additional springboard for the hard working men and women of the indie wrestling world.

FEST Wrestling Videos (2)

": Love Is A Battlefield: Tag Team Tournament For The Love Cup (slowmo Highlights)"
"Presents: Bring Your Mom (highlights)"