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Formed: 1980
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There are multiple artists with the name "Deathwish" 1) Deathwish was a speed/thrash metal band from the UK, formed in 1983. They released one 3-song demo in 1986 entitled 'Sword Of Justice' featuring two songs that would appear on their first full length entitled 'On The Edge Of Damnation' released by Steamhammer in 1987. In 1988, they released their second album, Demon Peacher on GWR records. They are inactive. Line-up: Vocals: Jon Van Doorn Guitar: Dave Brunt Bass: Stuart Ranger Drums: Brad Sims 2) Deathwish was a Boston Hardcore band that first got together in late 1983. The band recorded a demo [about 7 or 8 tracks] at Radiobeat in December of 1983 with this lineup. Just after these recording sessions, future Slapshot member Jordan Wood [ex STP] joined the band. The tracks recorded at the Radiobeat where never released. However, in 1989 the Armory Arms label release three of the tracks ["Tailgate", "Condemned" and "Break The Chains"] on a bootleg 7" single [which was limited to 300 copies and is therefore a collector's item]. Lost & Found Records also "reissued" the 7" single no less than three times. First in 1992 [with a different cover and limited to 500] and a second time as a coda on The Abused's "Loud & Clear" CD. Finally, the 7" single featured on the backside of a bootleg with another Boston band, called Siege [we don't know what year though but we think it was on Lost & Found Records]. Amazingly, on all these releases, the personnel information remained intact [although all releases include Jordan Wood as being part of the recording]. Shortly after the band finished the first recording, they got into some different sounds. The first stuff was straight-up Hardcore, as inspired by the "This Is Boston, Not LA" record that was all the rage at the time [sounded similar to early DYS, Negative FX, Gang Green, etc.]. However, once they discovered Descendents and Dag Nasty, they wanted to explore the power pop sound and they wrote new tunes and went back into the studio [approximately 1984/1985]. Chris was replaced by Dan Estebrook, Jordan Wood took over the bass [his first instrument] and Bobby went to guitar [using the Gibson SG and Marshall stack previously owned by Hal from SS Decontrol]. This new stuff was still pretty heavy, but it had more of a melodic component and the song structures expended, as did their lengths. Dan Estebrook was also a very clever guy, and his lyrics added a nice layer of sophistication. This recording was never released and unfortunately suffered from the bad ears of an inexperienced recording engineer at a place called Euphoria Sound. 3) Deathwish is a starting Melodic Death Metal band from Groningen/Netherlands. 4) Hip Hop is about lyricism. Our music was at it's illest during the 90s, a period most cats refer to as the "Golden Era" of Hip Hop. Luckily, Deathwish's formative years were during that era. Sales have dwindled ever since then, largely because of an overall shift from hardcore singles to Pop jingles... "You're a cool cat... you got skills, for sure... I'm gonna watch you grow in this game!" -Chino XL "Big up for keeping it grimy..." -Count Bass D "I can't save Hip Hop, but I'm definitely gonna try/ my street team only has one guy..." -Deathwish Deathwish has been blessing mixtapes alongside major artists for a good minute. You'll find him on sites like WorldStarHipHop, DatPiff, and many more. You may have seen him reppin Coast 2 Coast in XXL's 12th anniversary issue. Although Deathwish is known for his unique style of rhyming, he's also a talented producer. Deathwish is 100% Greek and was born in Greece, but he grew up here. His parents immigrated to Pennsylvania shortly before his birth. He loved music at a very young age and finally decided to pick up the pen himself in high school. "I'd listen to MCs all the time and think to myself 'I can come up with hotter shit than that,'" he recalls. "So one day, I decided to make a song. I figured that if it was wack, nobody had to hear it." Needless to say, it wasn't wack. "I go in like I might not come out..." -Deathwish It took some time to harness his potential because Deathwish was, well, being Deathwish. Today, he's as focused as a laser and is currently distributing his demo to a number of labels. When you consider his lyrics, delivery, song concepts, charisma, and stage presence, it's easy to see why he'd be a welcome addition to anyone's roster. 5) Deathwish is a thrash band in England, UK. Formed in 2010, the lads have played around the country making loud rackets in lots of drinking establishments. Members: Lead guitar: Gary Donnelly Rhythm guitar: Paul Donnelly Vocals: Ant Oakes Bass: Paul O'Connor Drums: John Hodson

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