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Amy Ray

Amy Ray’s progression as a singer/songwriter has taken her up and down all of the switchback trails of the South, from the dive bars of Saturday night to church on Sunday morning, with some coffeehouses and arenas along the way, too. Goodnight Tender (2014), her first country album, integrates all of these influences in fresh, surprising ways and testifies to her range and virtuosity as an artist who is always game to follow a thread of melody into new and rugged territory. Her follow up 2015 release, The Tender Hour, is a live document of her country exploits with the songs of Goodnight Tender thus far, and a healthy dose of live rock and punk as well. It was recorded at Seattle’s legendary club, The Triple Door, and was mixed by Craig Montgomery and Trina Shoemaker. Ray is working on a new batch of songs for live performance and to get down in the studio in 2017!